Q – What cars are suitable for re mapping?
Most modern cars use an ECU (electronic control unit) and these are capable of being re-mapped.

Q – Can you do 4-wheel drive performance cars?
Yes, we can, our MAHA rolling road is capable of handling 2 or 4-wheel drive cars up to 800BHP

Q- Will I get both extra power and economy?
Yes, in most cases you will get an improvement in both. Each Alive Tuning map is bespoke to your car, not just the generic make and model and we tailor the map to achieve either maximum power or maximum economy gains …. or a mixture of both. In practice your engine will perform at its optimum so it is normal to see gains in both areas

Q – My car is fitted with carburettors – can you help?
Yes, using our MAHA rolling road we will measure your engines’ performance and then can tailor the tuning package towards carb setup, exhaust and intake upgrades, air filters and re-jetting, polishing and porting or camshaft upgrades. Call us for a chat.

Q – Now my car has extra power and torque, do I need better brakes?
At A1 BHP we would always advise you to upgrade your vehicle in a way that compliments all the gains you may have made regarding engine performance. Clearly if the gains are significant then a substantial brake upgrade would be best as arriving at the end of a long straight at speed is interesting enough without worrying about whether you’ll stop. With less significant increases then often a change of brake pad type is sufficient, or a combination of brake pad and disc. Much will depend on the use you intend to put the vehicle to but feel free to discuss this with us as we have significant experience in trying to stop!