About us

A1 BHP is owned and run by true car enthusiasts and was created in 2016 by the company owner following his first visit to the legendary Nurburgring “Nordschleiffe” together with our in house driving coach and track day specialist. They realised there was a lack of facilities and support to car enthusiasts in the South East who wanted to prepare their vehicles for fast road use or use on track days, circuit racing, hill climbs, or drifting.

Our MAHA MSR500 4-wheel Dynometer is adjustable to fit most vehicles – front – rear – or 4 wheel drive.

We can deal with both tuning old car’s using carburettors, as well as the latest in ECU optimisation for modern engines using quality “Alive Tuning Maps” which are tailored to individual vehicles.

Bespoke Alive Tuning maps offer the ability for tuning a vehicle to its maximum efficiency and economy by optimising the way that the vehicle interprets and sends signals from the ECU – Electronic Control Unit – fitted to modern cars.


Our lead technician is Steve, who also answers to Stevo,  a mechanic since leaving school who has competed regularly in motorsports but now has a young family and understands the needs of motorists on a tight budget.

Steve can optimise your car’s fuel economy.

Steve’s Ford S Max diesel has a high mileage and is a diesel but utilising a bespoke Alive Tuning re-map he has optimised the car’s engine and achieved a reduction in fuel consumption in everyday driving round town. The S Max automatic used to average 32mpg in real, everyday driving in and around Thanet but since the re-map it now achieves 38mpg!